Friday, May 11, 2007

New Look of My Blog

You people might have observed that the blog look is changed a lot.Yeah,this is my self made template for the Blogger.The unique feature of it is it displays the profile image at every post of mine.Actually it's not the profile image but just an image which is displayed as the background for the post h3 option in the CSS without repeating.I resized the image so that the look will not get damaged a lot and the look I tried to put as simple as possible.

It has become obvious that I don't blog a lot but I hope the new look may get some kind of inspiration in me which will drive me to posting effectively and efficient posts.Ok, one more thing is that my vacation is going to begin from 14th of this month and so may not be blogging again.I hope atleast a new semester at my college which begins in August might bring me the required driving force.