Friday, May 11, 2007

New Look of My Blog

You people might have observed that the blog look is changed a lot.Yeah,this is my self made template for the Blogger.The unique feature of it is it displays the profile image at every post of mine.Actually it's not the profile image but just an image which is displayed as the background for the post h3 option in the CSS without repeating.I resized the image so that the look will not get damaged a lot and the look I tried to put as simple as possible.

It has become obvious that I don't blog a lot but I hope the new look may get some kind of inspiration in me which will drive me to posting effectively and efficient posts.Ok, one more thing is that my vacation is going to begin from 14th of this month and so may not be blogging again.I hope atleast a new semester at my college which begins in August might bring me the required driving force.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Errors in Google Search

Today when I was searching for a term called "googlinx" in Google I found out this funny result

Googlinx-My Google One Stop

Long back,I have mentioned about me working on a site.After keeping it aside for much time recently I finished my first motive on that page-building a one stop link base for Google.So people watch it out the one stop site for all Google services.Pleae inform me if I missed(or messed) some of the services officially Google.
You can access it at

Friday, February 23, 2007

Google Apps Premier Edition-Is Google becoming Big Brother

Google Apps for domains now renamed as Google Apps has released a premier edition offering the service at $50/user account per year and there is a free trial till 30th April.Google Apps premier edition offers features which aren't even dreamt of(But Google always does).It offers whopping 10GB mail space and all other features.But the point here is as Google is offering these features paid is it taking steps towards turning itself into yet another of those monsters on the trade and make itself evil?Don't know what it means but the feature is very nice.Still, there always lies a minute amount of suspicion and uncertainity among the Google fans and customers.And what will happen to the Google Office?Will it continue to offer free?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Google Valentines Day Doodle-Is it intentional or mistaken?

First of all,a happy Valentine's day to ya all.Yeah,I am not being a regular blogger and there are many reasons for it.I still am trying to make posting as frequent as possible.Ok,have you people seen the Google doodle for Valentine's day.I don't know about you but I am disappointed to see the image as it turns out to say "Googe" instead of Google.Don't know what their intention was..Is it yet another prank of them?

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Google Groups3 is out of beta

You might have already observed that Google groups has changed it interface.It is an interface which has been in beta since some time back.If you have observed it has got some nice features.Here you can design pages for your group, upload and share files (including photos), and view member profiles.Also the interface is Ajaxian.Finally Google has evolved Usenet to a this stage.What more?It has those features which the Yahoo Groups don't posess.The best thing is that Google didn't try to just blindly imitate Yahoo groups.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Google Page Creator Redesign

Recently,Google has changed the look of its Google pages editor.Now it looks more of like that in Google Docs&Spreadsheets.The interface looks nice and if you have experimental features enabled in your site you can also have the toolbar on the top of the page making the page to look less clumsier now and to give a better view.Think Google is going for some good changes in its Google Pages.Got to wait and see

Sunday, January 14, 2007

About Gmail memory storage

I came online full fledged after many days as i was on a vacation and this is my first post after it.When I saw the recent news the one which attracted more is the one about Gmail stopping its storage at 2835MB(atleast it is what this link states about).So I thought of investigating it and looked up into my info gathering ways.Finally this is what the outcome is..

As that link says if you turn your computer's date to a later date to the 1st of April 2007 the counter usually appearing on the Gmail welcome page is stopped at 2835MB.They say this might be an indication of Gmail's storage limit.But if you have observed on 31st december 2006 Gmail stopped its counter at 2800MB.Gmail team might have forgot to add the code that manages the quota increase after 31st December 2006.Since january 3rd or so it again became normal.So may be Gmail team have made the counter to limit upto April 1st of this year only to introduce something new on its B'day.It may also be an April fool hoax.Whatever it may be there's something in store from Gmail this April 1st

Thursday, November 30, 2006

PageBull-Not Google but nice visual search

Recently I pondered upon this new search site which is different from other search sites ihn the way that it displays results.It displays results in visual style i.e., the results it display are the images of the respective pages and by images I mean full size images and not thumbnail images.The site got into fray since 28th of this month and the feature is really innovative.You can see much about the site in their blog at blogspot.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

New features In Google Page Creator

Recently,Google page creator has introduced some new features which took page creator one more step ahead of the other free web hosting providers.They are the image editing software,multiple sites and Page creator for mobile.

As all of you know,GPC used to give allowance for showing images on your site but they were normal like all the other free web hosts.But,now it's not like that.GPC has put an options for image editing in it now like resizing,crop,flip image, brightness, sharpen, mashup, enhance, reduce, invert colors and having those tools directly while you insert images is a great thing to have.

The other feature is enabling for multiple sites.Previously google used to give everyone a site by name used to give spammers a chance of knowing the email addresses of the person who hosted the site.Now with this feature you can keep your
main unpublished and use the new site you created.The multiple sites feature gives you access to a maximum of five sites.

The last feature I am going to discuss is the GPC for mobile.From now on every google page created will have a mobile version so that it can be seen even on mobiles.