Sunday, January 14, 2007

About Gmail memory storage

I came online full fledged after many days as i was on a vacation and this is my first post after it.When I saw the recent news the one which attracted more is the one about Gmail stopping its storage at 2835MB(atleast it is what this link states about).So I thought of investigating it and looked up into my info gathering ways.Finally this is what the outcome is..

As that link says if you turn your computer's date to a later date to the 1st of April 2007 the counter usually appearing on the Gmail welcome page is stopped at 2835MB.They say this might be an indication of Gmail's storage limit.But if you have observed on 31st december 2006 Gmail stopped its counter at 2800MB.Gmail team might have forgot to add the code that manages the quota increase after 31st December 2006.Since january 3rd or so it again became normal.So may be Gmail team have made the counter to limit upto April 1st of this year only to introduce something new on its B'day.It may also be an April fool hoax.Whatever it may be there's something in store from Gmail this April 1st