Thursday, November 30, 2006

PageBull-Not Google but nice visual search

Recently I pondered upon this new search site which is different from other search sites ihn the way that it displays results.It displays results in visual style i.e., the results it display are the images of the respective pages and by images I mean full size images and not thumbnail images.The site got into fray since 28th of this month and the feature is really innovative.You can see much about the site in their blog at blogspot.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

New features In Google Page Creator

Recently,Google page creator has introduced some new features which took page creator one more step ahead of the other free web hosting providers.They are the image editing software,multiple sites and Page creator for mobile.

As all of you know,GPC used to give allowance for showing images on your site but they were normal like all the other free web hosts.But,now it's not like that.GPC has put an options for image editing in it now like resizing,crop,flip image, brightness, sharpen, mashup, enhance, reduce, invert colors and having those tools directly while you insert images is a great thing to have.

The other feature is enabling for multiple sites.Previously google used to give everyone a site by name used to give spammers a chance of knowing the email addresses of the person who hosted the site.Now with this feature you can keep your
main unpublished and use the new site you created.The multiple sites feature gives you access to a maximum of five sites.

The last feature I am going to discuss is the GPC for mobile.From now on every google page created will have a mobile version so that it can be seen even on mobiles.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Some More New Features In Gtalk?????

Today I was playing with Gtalk with Resource Hacker when I observed some strings which I never saw in Gtalk.These gave me rise to a new doubt that Gtalk is going to be introduced with some new features.

The first of them is the Gtalk mp3 player.Gtalk has already launched Google video player(GVP) to play the video downloaded at Googlevideos.Also users might have known that Gmail has an embedded mp3 player in Gmail to play mp3 files and many have hacked it to use on their webpages,blogs etc.Now may be Google is releasing the same mp3 player to listen to the voicemail recordedin Gtalk.Don't know what it may  be but it may get some amusing features like the previous Google products have got.

Due to layout problems you can't see the image properly.To see it go to

The second feature will be more amusing.The strings have mentioned "I am chatting with".From this I inferred that Gtalk will have a new status message showing the person with whom we are talking with like the one which shows current playing track.However,many people may not like the feature.Let's see how google will handle them all.

Due to layout problems you can't see the image properly.To see it go to

New Features in Gmail

Reply on top                      
   How many times did you people get irritated when you had to scroll down those long forward mails in Gmail to reply a friend of you?Now it's all over as Gmail has introduced new feature of a reply button at the top right of every message clicking which you get many options like reply,forward,print etc., making your experience excellent.

Forward all

Now in Gmail you have the feature of forwarding the entire conversation which you have to do for every single message previously.

Live Message received info

Now if someone replies to some conversation when you are in the middle of reading or writing a reply to it,you will get a notification.Click on the update conversation to see the new replies.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Gtalk integration with Orkut

Now,at last Orkut has been integrated with Gtalk.If you want to enable it go to your orkut settings page and click enable Gtalk.After enabling it and doing some more formalities You will get your orkut account enabled with your Gtalk.From now on you can view that person's orkut profile,scrap him from the links provided in the options provided.You will also get notification of the scraps received etc.If a person is online over Gtalk you see a bright ball like the green for available,red for busy and yellow for idle in his gtalk profile beside his name.You can also see his status message there.Anyways this is one more step by Google towards its capitulation of the web2.0 market.Watch out for even more bigger developments.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Gmail-but why?

Today I want to tell about some features of Gmail which make it outstanding from others......

1.The first is as all of you know its whopping 2.7GB and increasing free mail space...Google says from now on you don't ned to delete any mail...may it be spam or trash.......
2.Second is its unique feature of labels ...Labels are different from folders in a way to explain that folders are like shelves in a library whereas labels are like can put more than one tag to a single item but you can pit it only in one shelf.
3.The ability to send gmail different mails with the same topic are all linked together and so they are put like a conversation
4.The feature of plussing-that is suppose your Gmail id is and if you send a mail with address it reaches you.It also reaches you even if you send it like, without the dot).You can use this to create all the mails coming with to: field as reach the label blogger.
5.It has the feature of mail searching with many keywords like-you can search based on to: field from field subject,body attachments,read,unread etc etc. has chat integrated in it which makes it unique from any other mail services.
7.Rss feeds are integrated in gmail.
8.virus scanning of attachments is done automatically
9.It has a plenty of keyboard shotcuts
10.It autorefreshes itself.So need not refresh it for every specific period
11.A very vast support for different languages.
12.You can customize from address...i.e., you can select the from field rom a dropdown menu so that you can send mail from your other addresses too
There are many more features which are difficult to write herwe suddenly.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Google's new search site-Searchmash

Today stumbled across this site by name which is apparently a site owned by Google and not put public.Yeah,you heard it right.It's google's site not known to many and that is what they wanted.The privacy report of the site claims it to be a property of Google inc.I did the Whois of the site and it confirms that it is a Google property really.Coming to its purpose it's said that it's used to monitor the usefulness of some features for users of google search.The features include
1.Start typing-this makes you type in the search box without having to click into the text area to get cursor there.
2.URL menu-If you click the green colored links in the site a menu comes out which gives the options open in new window,open cached page n pages from this site

3.Image results panel-u can see the image results for the query simultaneously in the same page
4.Wikipedia-there is a separate column for wikipedia entries
5.Hide on results bar-you can hide the results just by clicking one time

Finally to say it's a nice site and a nice idea by Google but my doubt is why isn't it there in Google labs as it's experimental?Google's mysterious as iot is always

Friday, November 03, 2006

Typing Special Characters WIth Gtalk-Cheat Code

Today,as I was browsing over I got an idea of this.I think many of you readers might have known that a combination of ALT+some keys on numpad gives special characters.As gtalk doesn't have good smiley features ,I thought may be it has atleast this and tried random combinations.Many of the standard windows combinations didn't work but many other did.So I went on trying and got the following sets.There are obviously many more which you can search yourself.Please notify me if you find some cool characters.
For a newbie,to type this in your Gtalk message,use like this.Hold on your ALT key down and simultaneously press the following combination of numbers to get the shown character.Remember the numbers you type must be from the right side "numpad" not the top ones.
Here A corresponds to the ALT Key

± A241
Ā A2567


Mysterious disabling of Gmail accounts.

Today I saw this blog somewhere whose link is put here which shows the comments of many users who mention of the banning of their Gmail accounts.It started an year ago but the comments were still flooding that the blog has locked comments now.It says google is banning accounts of many people with some mysterious reasons.some of them got their accounts back on writing to google in a period of time without any damage to their mails etc., but many did not.Many people have mentioned their usage of extensions of firefox etc which hacked gmail to increase their performance like GmailDrive,Grease monkey scripts etc., but I don't think this might be the reason.some people reasoned out that it may be a break in an invite chain and may be probably it is so.Gmail's beta state may be also a reason.So can we consider it to be a bug in Gmail?I have seen a post of a hacker in an Orkut community of his mentioning of banning of his all 13 accounts.Is the improper or the wrong usage of the customers is the reason for it?Or is it another Google's way of humour(I know it's far from reality)?Whatever it may be Google is mysterious

It's Google Mail not Gmail

It's disappointing to say that only in my second blog post here but as I have a test tomorrow ,i don't have much to say today.But today I discovered one thing.Gmail users in UK who have registered after October 19th have their email address ending with and it's not have a got a problem with some company on the trademark issue.So people in UK has to get satisfied with googlemail account atleast for now.

Google mail is everything same except for the domain name.I checked sending a mail with my mail id except for changing it to but it reached finally to me.So it means google mail is everything same as Gmail(It's not like yahoo where if you have an account of and send it to it gives a failure delivery).So people need not worry.and if a person from that area sends an invite to other person his mail account will be normal Gmail account.It means it affects only customers of UK.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hello World!-A welcome note

Hello everyone.This is my first post in this blog.I am LuckyMurari and am a great Google fan.So in this I review Google features one by one in detail in due course of time.Presently I am working on a site that links to all the google services.If you don't find links to any google services you know please inform me so that I put it up for the convenience of other readers.

News today:Google has started offline messaging in their Gtalk and the feature is simple and superb like all the other Google features