Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Gmail-but why?

Today I want to tell about some features of Gmail which make it outstanding from others......

1.The first is as all of you know its whopping 2.7GB and increasing free mail space...Google says from now on you don't ned to delete any mail...may it be spam or trash.......
2.Second is its unique feature of labels ...Labels are different from folders in a way to explain that folders are like shelves in a library whereas labels are like tags.you can put more than one tag to a single item but you can pit it only in one shelf.
3.The ability to send conversation...in gmail different mails with the same topic are all linked together and so they are put like a conversation
4.The feature of plussing-that is suppose your Gmail id is xyz.abc@gmail.com and if you send a mail with address xyz.abc+1233@gmail.com it reaches you.It also reaches you even if you send it like xyzabc@gmail.com(i.e., without the dot).You can use this to create filters...like all the mails coming with to: field as xyz.abc+blogger@gmail.com reach the label blogger.
5.It has the feature of mail searching with many keywords like-you can search based on to: field from field subject,body attachments,read,unread etc etc.
6.gmail has chat integrated in it which makes it unique from any other mail services.
7.Rss feeds are integrated in gmail.
8.virus scanning of attachments is done automatically
9.It has a plenty of keyboard shotcuts
10.It autorefreshes itself.So need not refresh it for every specific period
11.A very vast support for different languages.
12.You can customize from address...i.e., you can select the from field rom a dropdown menu so that you can send mail from your other addresses too
There are many more features which are difficult to write herwe suddenly.

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