Thursday, November 23, 2006

New features In Google Page Creator

Recently,Google page creator has introduced some new features which took page creator one more step ahead of the other free web hosting providers.They are the image editing software,multiple sites and Page creator for mobile.

As all of you know,GPC used to give allowance for showing images on your site but they were normal like all the other free web hosts.But,now it's not like that.GPC has put an options for image editing in it now like resizing,crop,flip image, brightness, sharpen, mashup, enhance, reduce, invert colors and having those tools directly while you insert images is a great thing to have.

The other feature is enabling for multiple sites.Previously google used to give everyone a site by name used to give spammers a chance of knowing the email addresses of the person who hosted the site.Now with this feature you can keep your
main unpublished and use the new site you created.The multiple sites feature gives you access to a maximum of five sites.

The last feature I am going to discuss is the GPC for mobile.From now on every google page created will have a mobile version so that it can be seen even on mobiles.