Friday, November 03, 2006

It's Google Mail not Gmail

It's disappointing to say that only in my second blog post here but as I have a test tomorrow ,i don't have much to say today.But today I discovered one thing.Gmail users in UK who have registered after October 19th have their email address ending with and it's not have a got a problem with some company on the trademark issue.So people in UK has to get satisfied with googlemail account atleast for now.

Google mail is everything same except for the domain name.I checked sending a mail with my mail id except for changing it to but it reached finally to me.So it means google mail is everything same as Gmail(It's not like yahoo where if you have an account of and send it to it gives a failure delivery).So people need not worry.and if a person from that area sends an invite to other person his mail account will be normal Gmail account.It means it affects only customers of UK.

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