Sunday, November 05, 2006

Google's new search site-Searchmash

Today stumbled across this site by name which is apparently a site owned by Google and not put public.Yeah,you heard it right.It's google's site not known to many and that is what they wanted.The privacy report of the site claims it to be a property of Google inc.I did the Whois of the site and it confirms that it is a Google property really.Coming to its purpose it's said that it's used to monitor the usefulness of some features for users of google search.The features include
1.Start typing-this makes you type in the search box without having to click into the text area to get cursor there.
2.URL menu-If you click the green colored links in the site a menu comes out which gives the options open in new window,open cached page n pages from this site

3.Image results panel-u can see the image results for the query simultaneously in the same page
4.Wikipedia-there is a separate column for wikipedia entries
5.Hide on results bar-you can hide the results just by clicking one time

Finally to say it's a nice site and a nice idea by Google but my doubt is why isn't it there in Google labs as it's experimental?Google's mysterious as iot is always

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