Friday, November 10, 2006

Some More New Features In Gtalk?????

Today I was playing with Gtalk with Resource Hacker when I observed some strings which I never saw in Gtalk.These gave me rise to a new doubt that Gtalk is going to be introduced with some new features.

The first of them is the Gtalk mp3 player.Gtalk has already launched Google video player(GVP) to play the video downloaded at Googlevideos.Also users might have known that Gmail has an embedded mp3 player in Gmail to play mp3 files and many have hacked it to use on their webpages,blogs etc.Now may be Google is releasing the same mp3 player to listen to the voicemail recordedin Gtalk.Don't know what it may  be but it may get some amusing features like the previous Google products have got.

Due to layout problems you can't see the image properly.To see it go to

The second feature will be more amusing.The strings have mentioned "I am chatting with".From this I inferred that Gtalk will have a new status message showing the person with whom we are talking with like the one which shows current playing track.However,many people may not like the feature.Let's see how google will handle them all.

Due to layout problems you can't see the image properly.To see it go to


Anonymous said...

good way to know all the coming features.
good job

Krishna said...

Thats pretty cool

Krishna Chaitanya

Anonymous said...

It agree